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Divorce Lawyer Johannesburg

Looking for a Divorce Lawyer Johannesburg? is part of a unique network. On this network we assist clients by putting them in contact with the most suitable divorce lawyer on our network. We cater for a vast number of other services in majority of the areas in South Africa.

The subscribed firms specialises in divorces in South Africa and have extensive knowledge in this field that they specialise in. Our response time is extremely fast – we guarantee a response within 60 minutes!


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Divorce Lawyer Johannesburg
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General Process

The general process on this resource would follow as such:

  • A client submits a request by following our two step process.
  • Within minutes a client will receive an e-mail and SMS notification that their request has been received and details of the related Law Firm. (Requests are sent to a distribution centre which allocates the request to one of the most appropriate Law Firms based on the request merit v.s. available firm location.
  • Once the request has been distributed, the assigned Law Firm will contact their prospective client within 60 minutes via phone and / or e-mail.
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