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What Online Divorce Services are There?

Often times a married couple may want to get divorced, but the costs of divorce stand in the way of obtaining the desired divorce. Of course, there is a DIY option available, but what then about getting time off work to get the divorce papers from your local court? There are so many variables that could contribute to the delay in getting a divorce between spouses who no longer wish to be married to each other. Thanks to the DIY option, online divorce is also a possibility. In this divorce process, just because a divorce lawyer Johannesburg is not a requirement, is not to say that at least one consultation should be neglected. The guidance provided by a divorce lawyer Johannesburg can prove to be invaluable.

Online divorce is very similar to DIY divorce. The first thing to bear in mind is that both DIY and online divorce must be of an uncontested nature. This means the souses must be in agreement with regards to the terms of the divorce. If the married couple persists in not using the services of a divorce lawyer Johannesburg then the possible disputes should at least be researched and solutions applied when coming to an agreement. Often times when a married couple opts for online or DIY divorce due to financial reasons, the division of assets are not of major concern. The biggest disputes around these divorce cases are commonly the matter of the children. Where the primary residence of the child or children will be, and access to the child.

For these reasons, it should be noted that a court takes into account the best interests of the child. As such, if a parent is not inflicting abuse onto the child he/she has the right to make contact with the child on a regular basis. Similarly, the primary residence of the child is not to be determined based on a parent’s sexual orientation. The notion that because the mother gave birth to the child is reason by default to have primary custody of the child is no longer supported. Therefore, to save on legal fees and a divorce lawyer Johannesburg is not to be used, parents should draft a parenting plan which serves in the best interests of the child, or children. These matters can be researched online quite extensively.

Typically, when making use of an online divorce service, the site on which the divorce service is offered will require you to answer a brief questionnaire in order to determine whether you qualify for uncontested divorce or not. Most specifically to determine if the divorce is of an uncontested nature. When this determination is positive, you will be asked to fill in a document and then pay the online divorce fee. Within a few days the divorce papers will be drafted and sent to you, along with instructions of the divorce procedure. These instructions should be read and understood, because where a divorce lawyer Johannesburg would have assisted on the matter, these instructions will take his/her place. It will explain that a summons must be served on the party who decides to be the defendant, and all the details related to the divorce will be attached to this. Following the summons being served, normal divorce procedure can commence and instead of having a lawyer Johannesburg managing the administration with the court, you will maintain it yourself. A summons must legally be served on the defendant in person by a sheriff of the court. There will be a fee for this service. Some online services may include an extended package in which some attorney assistance is provided, but what the extent of such services are and the cost around it vary from one firm to the next. Divorce lawyers Johannesburg could should be consulted.

What Online Divorce Services are There